CEO & Board Management

What will the CEO and the Management team get out of this coaching?

  • Knowledge of what the Board wants to know and how they want it delivered

  • A more efficient use of time preparing for Board meetings

  • Tips on PowerPoint slide prep

  • Individual coaching with CEO and individual management team members

  • Results of coach’s meetings/calls with each Board member to discuss needs and wants

  • Techniques for facilitating discussion

  • Tips on how to keep everyone on track and how to pull them back when they stray

  • Media coaching formula for impromptu issues and answering questions concisely

  • Knowing when to take charge and when to defer

  • Delivering sufficient data, not too much, so Board can make necessary decisions

  • Knowing when to give Big Picture and when to solicit input from management team members

  • Technique on how to summarize and wrap up, emphasizing action items, successes, and outstanding issues

Time Commitment
Four three-hour coaching sessions (preceded by interviews with Board members to discover what they want and need).


  • Interviews with individual Board members

  • Several video-taping sessions and playback with feedback

  • One-on-one and/or group coaching

  • Developing template for Board meetings

  • Discussion with management team members re: their input

  • Editing of PowerPoint slides

  • Practice using PowerPoint for maximum impact

  • Role-playing

  • Media coaching “tricks” for answering questions and impromptu situations

  • Dress-rehearsals before Board meetings with Q&A


  • A template/table of contents for future Board meetings

  • Tools and techniques for keeping people on subject and for pulling them back in if they stray

  • Facilitation skills to improve overall efficacy of communications with Board

  • Video-tape of each session

  • Presentation book: “Present with Punch!” with presentation checklist

  • Enhanced delivery style and professional image

  • Formula for handling Q&A

  • Knowledge of what Board members want to hear and how they want it delivered

  • Coaching notes sent via email after each session with action plan

  • Notes on Board members’ input


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