Executive Presentations and Media Coaching
Coaching and presentations conducted in English, French, or Spanish
Individual coaching as well as group programs offered

Deliver your message with punch - domestically or internationally!
In the global business environment of today, an executive must be able to adapt to a wide variety of audiences - not only to American investors, analysts, VCs, the Board, the Media, customers, employees, and colleagues, but also to international groups. Executive Presentations/Media Coaching offers skills to create and deliver an effective message that gets results. The coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs and audiences.

For the start-up company CEO and CFO
You will get help on developing your company presentation to attract investors. You’ll learn how to use strategic positioning and emphasize your value proposition, organize a powerful, concise presentation directed at potential investors, the Board, analysts, VCs, investment bankers, the Media, etc.

For corporate CEOs, CFOs, and other key executives
You will get help on developing and delivering your strategic positioning and value proposition for investors, the Board, analysts, the Media, video conferences, conference calls, product launches, introduction to new service(s), etc.

For Venture Capitalists
You will get help on your pitch to LPs. You’ll learn tips on how to “show them where the money is” and convince them to invest in your fund.

Several video-taping sessions and playbacks; one-on-one coaching; constructive critique with tools and techniques to try, playback, and evaluate - all regarding effectiveness according to your personality, style and audience.


  • Capture your audience and maintain interest through strategic positioning.

  • Persuade and convince them of your value proposition.

  • Develop a well-organized, clear message that is adapted to your audience.

  • Close with a strong “take-away” message.

  • Develop and use sound bites and “power words” appropriately.

  • Use style to emphasize your message: Eye contact; voice variety and the powerful pause; gestures that suit your message and audience; movement and stance.

  • Handle questions and answers effectively, applying active listening skills.

  • Learn to handle the media interview or press conference confidently.

  • Deal with difficult people diplomatically.

  • Develop clear, simple visual aids that aren’t “super-charged” with information.

  • Manage stress and use it to your advantage.

  • Enhance interpersonal communications.

  • Create a one minute elevator pitch.


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