Transition Management For Executives

Transition Management Coaching For Executives

In a highly competitive job market during an economic downturn like the one we’re experiencing now, you, as an executive in transition, desperately need to put your best foot forward to win the position you want.

This means being well-prepared and rehearsed before you even consider going for your first interview.

Coaching Includes:
  • Resume update and customization
  • Self positioning/Branding
  • Resume update and customization
  • Self positioning/Branding
  • Interview to discover key areas of expertise and desired future track
  • Several video-taped sessions to rehearse mock interviews
  • Sample questions for interviews to prepare answers in advance
  • Formula for answering questions clearly and concisely
  • Practice mirroring the interviewer
  • Active listening techniques
  • Style—do you come across convincing and confident
  • Word-crafting to ensure strong messaging
  • Creation of a one-minute elevator pitch that sells your strengths
  • Basic executive image

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